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Your Headshot – Your First Impression

Your Headshot – Your First Impression

In today’s online world, your headshot sets the baseline for who you are and what all viewers lasting impression will be of you. It’s your knock on the door so make it count! I’m a big believer in the idea that a really great headshot is the handshake to a new connection and that a… Continue Reading

8 Prep Tips for Better Actor Headshots

8 Prep Tips for Better Actor Headshots

Creating great headshots for actors is a collaborative effort. While hiring a great headshot photographer is critical, there’s still lots you need to do to get the most from your headshot photo session. Here’s 8 great tips from UK based headshot photographer Michael Wharley. I’ll add one more tip! With the dry climate we have here in Denver, we… Continue Reading

Actor Headshots | Judy Winnick Portrays Miep Gies

Actor Headshots | Judy Winnick Portrays Miep Gies

I recently had the opportunity to do an actor headshot for actress Judy Winnick for her newest role portraying Miep Gies. Unlike a regular actor’s headshot that presents a natural representation of the actor, character headshots are created to show the actor or actress in the portrayal of a general character type, or as in… Continue Reading

Why a Great Headshot is Important for Business

Why a Great Headshot is Important for Business

Without a great headshot, you may be loosing out! The importance of your image has seen exponential growth over the years and you must look the part in today’s modern, business oriented world. In a media driven world, your headshot is often the first (and maybe the only) chance you have to actually get that… Continue Reading


I would highly recommend David for professional headshots.
This is primarily because his photographs are amazing. However, I also appreciated his guidance and coaching through each step of the process, especially as someone who has never taken professional photographs, because it made me feel both comfortable and knowledgeable about what makes a marketable headshot.

Molli L.

Littleton, Colorado

I have never had a professional photograph taken prior to visiting with David. He asked a few simple questions, and suggested I send him some sample photos I found on the internet so he could get an idea of what I wanted. I was a bit nervous when I arrived, not knowing what to expect, but he helped me feel quite comfortable. He gave me as much time as needed and did a fantastic job. I am extremely pleased with the results. Thank you David for making me look so good!

Gary W.

Englewood, Colorado

I appreciate David’s professionalism and hard work. He did everything possible to make sure we got the best shots. Great work!

JaJonelle D.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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